The Drivers to Exit

Regulation demanding and always changing
Capital Optimisation legacy absorbs much needed capital that could be deployed elsewhere
Investment returns return environment places additional stress on results
Underwriting results increase in large losses and major catastrophes drive the need for further efficiencies and focus
Operational optimisation constant need to make businesses more efficient
Digitalisation old, obsolete systems kept for very old business while the company moves to current systems
Knowledge loss of key personnel can make cost disproportionate to returns
Focus on core business the need to focus on core business and increase market share and profitability benefits from exiting others
Volatility adverse claims development can be reduced or entirely extracted by disposal


DARAG is the first European legacy specialist and a pioneer in the delivery of finality solutions.

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Transaction Solutions

We deliver innovative capital relief solutions by securing legal, economic and operation finality through acquisition.

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Finality in any business may be desirable for a number of reasons at different times.

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