From German Roots to Continental Player

DARAG began to operate as the first German legacy acquirer and grew to what it is today, a leading legacy player with three strategic carriers in Europe, licensed to carry out direct insurance and reinsurance business in all EU member states in almost all non-life lines of business. The carriers allow the Group to deliver bespoke solutions to its clients in whichever jurisdicition is most useful.

True to its values and client focussed approach, DARAG continues to grow both organically and through strategic partnerships with a sole focus: the delivery of bespoke and meaningful capital and operational solutions to clients.

More information about our carrier in Italy:

DARAG Italia


DARAG is the first European legacy specialist and a pioneer in the delivery of finality solutions.

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Our Management

An insurance company’s business is built on the quality and the commitment of the individuals who structure and implement its business and its operations.

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Market Figures

We operate in a continuously growing segment of our industry. The volume of reserves attributed to legacy across Europe is estimated at approximately EURO 275 billion.

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