Solvency II

Solvency II introduced a demanding regulatory environment, which calls for capital and operational efficiencies. We, as acquirers of legacy business and providers of capital relief, are subject to the same legal and regulatory environment and have the same need for efficiencies as our clients do.

What drives us to our own efficiency also drives us to deliver the same for our clients’ business. Our clients non-core business is OUR core business.

These factors drive us and form the basis of our business model. We honour our commitments and, in turn, honour clients’ commitments to their policyholders: to protect them and to compensate them if something goes wrong, fairly, promptly and in accordance with contractual obligations.

The Drivers to Exit

Capital Optimisation – legacy absorbs much needed capital that could be deployed elsewhere

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Transaction Solutions

We deliver innovative capital relief solutions by securing legal, economic and operation finality through acquisition.

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Market Figures

We operate in a continuously growing segment of our industry. The volume of reserves attributed to legacy across Europe is estimated at approximately EURO 275 billion.

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