Your Experts in Finality and Capital Relief.
Your Partners towards Efficiency and Optimisation.

Financial Strength, robust Balance Sheet, bespoke Solutions.


Founded in 1949



DARAG is the first European legacy specialist and a pioneer in the delivery of finality solutions.

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What drives us to our own efficiency also drives us to deliver the same for our clients’ business. Our clients non-core business is OUR core business.

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Transaction Solutions

We deliver innovative capital relief solutions by securing legal, economic and operation finality through acquisition.

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An insurance company’s business is built on the quality and the commitment of the individuals who structure and implement its business and its operations.

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Press Releases, articels, new transactions – find here all news about DARAG Group.

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Claims Service

We believe in fair and speedy handling of our claims to ensure that our policyholders are treated properly.

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