Finality in any business may be desirable for a number of reasons at different times. The financial environment in recent years, coupled with changes in both the commercial and regulatory environment, have put focus on the need to seek efficiencies on all levels across the (re)insurance industry.

Finality is sought to ensure continuity and profitability and Boards are more now than ever able to utilise the finality tool box that the legacy industry provides in order to achieve policyholder protection, profitability and desirable returns for their shareholders.

The Drivers to Exit

Capital Optimisation – legacy absorbs much needed capital that could be deployed elsewhere

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Transaction Solutions

We deliver innovative capital relief solutions by securing legal, economic and operation finality through acquisition.

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Market Figures

We operate in a continuously growing segment of our industry. The volume of reserves attributed to legacy across Europe is estimated at approximately EURO 275 billion.

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